The Artisan Middle Way Practice January 06 2018, 0 Comments

Let's face it, folks.  There is a lot of jewelry out there. What separates Jenstones Jewelry from other jewelry companies is that Jennifer Stone is a true artisan. Jennifer was trained in Mexico by Mexican silversmiths c.2000. This is not a passing fancy for Jennifer. She built her jewelry business by the sweat of her brow and the hard work entailed in creating and maintaining a prosperous business.

Jennifer now lives in Costa Rica and travels back and forth from the United States to Mexico to wherever she is able to find rare and beautiful gems.  As a single mother, she has become adept at holding down the demanding job of full time mother as well as entrepreneur/artisan. Jennifer employs indigenous Costa Ricans at her gallery in Nosara, and she sponsors emerging artists and craftspeople via biweekly gallery openings aimed at providing artist exposure and usually accompanied by proceeds donated to local charities, specifically those protecting the waterways, oceans, environment or the natural fauna which abounds in the jungles.


              Moi et Toi Wrap Ring in Sterling with polished Rainbow Opalescent Druze and Azure Petite Druze. $120  Ring is adjustable to most ring sizes.


When making your purchases for yourself, your friends or your loved ones, please remember to ask yourself who is profiting from the sale. Are you buying machine-made jewelry or artisan designed, hand-crafted art? Are your purchases supporting a corporation's bottom line or a community's opportunities for progress, educations, stabilization or empowerment? Are the stones you purchase at the expense of someone's welfare or safety? Jenstones Jewelry takes all of these aspects of jewelry making into account and is one of the very few small businesses that truly scrutinizes every detail of production from design to execution to shipping in order to make it a fair and equitable business. Jenstones Jewelry is a business that empowers others, uses quality stones purchased directly from vendors who also run fair and equitable businesses, produces fair- trade certified, hand- made, unique jewelry pieces, and employs authentic, thoughtful marketing campaigns replete with progressive charitable contributions and strategies to share wealth and knowledge. Therefore, the Jenstones piece you wear is chock full of love, joy and positive vibrations from inception to your purchase. No wonder you feel so good wearing Jenstones pieces.

Jenstones would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for your loyalty as friends and clients, your contributions via social media and, of course, your purchases. Thank you also for your visits to Nativa Gallery in Nosara and to all Jennifer's shows in the United States and in various locations in Central America. Your purchases and your loyalty do so much to keep art alive, to inspire, to raise a collective vibration in a world that seems to very much need authenticity, dedication to creating art sans exploitation, empowerment in underdeveloped communities, all while honoring the contributions these communities have made and continue to make. Pura Vida! Salud!

              Hammered Bronze Dangle Hoops with Turquoise Bead. $59 per pair